Work methodologies

Alkhabeer For Training & consultations

The method of training at the Administrative Expert Center depends on the method of participatory education, and the method of merit in providing service, as short lectures, case studies, work groups, exercises and role play are used, in addition to visual and audio training techniques and tools to bring about the highest possible level of change in concepts and behavior.

We also follow the methods of daily and continuous evaluation and follow-up during and after the implementation of the programs to improve the performance levels of the training programs and the target groups. The center relies on the following main elements:

Diagnosing the current situation of the organizations benefiting from the services of the Administrative Expert Center, in accordance with the scientific principles followed in providing consultations, research and studies.
Needs assessment: The needs assessment will be made and the form of intervention that the program needs will be determined according to the results of the current situation diagnosis of each organization.
Building the basic perception: In light of the needs assessment, a set of strategies will be presented in light of the discussion and interaction between the two teams, and the solutions and suggestions required for each program will be studied and selected separately.
Review the achievement of goals for each program: This criterion is used to measure the effectiveness of the organization and its success in reaching the goals it has set.
Reviewing the organization’s effectiveness in achieving quality for each program: It includes measuring the degree of satisfaction of institutions and agencies targeted by the program and its effectiveness in achieving quality to include community satisfaction with the program and its services.