Points of strength and distinction

Alkhabeer for Administrative Training and Consulting

The Administrative Expert Center has qualified personnel capable of training, teaching and evaluation. The presence of these qualified trainers ensures that the services provided are of a high level of quality. In addition, our trainers have ample degree of experience and sufficient experience in providing management programs.

The Administrative Expert Center has a strategic partnership and fruitful cooperation with strategic partners in order to contribute to providing clients with modern technology mechanisms and expertise that can be used in training, evaluation and professional and personal development.

The Administrative Expert Center enlisted the help of local and international consultants for professional development and quality assurance.

Adopting modern training strategies, and applying them in the training process.

Providing stability for employees whose number increases year after year due to the good reputation and good relationship.

The administrative expert center enjoys financial stability with annual revenues that increase year after year.

The Administrative Expert Center has achieved remarkable success in a number of ministries and government agencies for several consecutive years, and fruitful cooperation has continued with them so far due to the excellence achieved and the growing confidence, such as the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Health and others.

The administrative expert center is bound by its promises by defining its duties in accordance with the terms of the contract concluded and agreed upon.

The Administrative Expert Center is committed to professionalism in planning and following up all training programs to be held.