The word of Mr. Chairman of the Board of Directors

Alkhabeer for Administrative training & consultations

The quality of training is one of the main axes of the Administrative Expert Center for Training and Consulting, by making sure that the trainees are provided with the required skills to make them able to practice their work efficiently. It has become necessary to prepare the trainee, teach him and train him in the latest modern technology. Technological development leads to the inevitability of the future employee to arm itself with knowledge and skills that are compatible with technological, regional and global variables, and this comes through training and workshops to develop cadres working in the public and private sectors. And with the quality required by the labor market to achieve global leadership to ensure self-sufficiency. As training contributes to reducing labor costs, adapting to technological changes, motivating workers and providing them with the ability to research and development

Hence, the Administrative Expert Center for Training and Consulting – being a pioneering edifice in the field of training and development – seeks to develop the managerial and professional skills of human resources. To be more flexible and responsive to the needs of the labor market, as it is the main pillar of economic progress and social development, and the advancement of the national economy in the midst of global competition in the field of knowledge economy

I am pleased to confirm that the Administrative Expert Center is committed to the trainees affiliated with it to provide them with everything that would prepare them for the distinguished preparation to build their future, through learning and training programs that are based on practical projects in the field of administrative sciences. The center also works hard to secure all capabilities and necessary support. For the trainee as the focus of the training process.

The Administrative Expert Center for Training and Consulting also seeks to meet the training needs of various groups, specialties and levels throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and has developed training programs that meet the needs of all service and production sectors to implement economic and social development plans.

Nahar Al-Abdullah Al-Rasheed

General Director