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Dear Trainee,
Welcome to your joining the list of trainees of the Administrative Expert Center for Training, whom we are proud to serve throughout their registration period, and to provide you with the best training service, please review the list of terms and conditions for the Administrative Expert Center for Training and Consulting, and agree to them before completing the registration steps, within the framework of organizing rights and duties For registration in our training programs.

  1. Each session has a minimum number of participants. The center can start the training program immediately. Once the minimum is reached, the start date of the course is determined, and new reservations can be registered until the number or the specified start date is completed, whichever is earlier.
  2. Registration in any of our training programs means the center’s commitment to providing the training services required for you, providing the training material, whether printed or electronic – depending on the nature of the training program – and organizing the lectures on the announced dates, which you will be notified of, whether at the time of registration or after. li>
  3. Any change in the dates of the training programs, in coordination with the trainees, and we investigate it as much as possible – the appropriate dates for the trainees.
  4. If no date is specified for the start of the course within a maximum period of 30 days from the date of payment, the trainee has the right to recover his full payments or wait until the number is completed, or transfer those fees to another training course, and the refund process is done in the same way of payment.
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  6. If the start date of the training program has been determined and the program has actually started, then the trainee has no right to withdraw from the training program or recover any fees paid.
  7. In online courses, attendance is by physical presence at all times of the lecture, and watching the recording of the lecture does not represent attendance in this lecture at all, and therefore the trainee has no right to count watching any recorded lecture as an attendance.
  8. To ensure attendance and obtain the training certificate, each trainee must complete his academic file clearly from the identity document, as the trainee will not be able to attend the lectures until after this condition is fulfilled.
  9. The training certificate is issued at the end of the training program, with the same name installed in the identity document.
  10. The trainee is not entitled to obtain a certificate of attendance in the training course in any of the following cases:
    o Failure to meet the attendance rate of 75% of the total hours of the training program
    o Failure to pay all expenses of the training program
    o Failure to attend practical workshops – if the training program stipulates that.
    o The trainee obtained a negative evaluation from the lecturer over the course of the course, which reflects the trainee’s lack of understanding and absorption of the training material in a manner that qualifies him to obtain the certificate.
    o Failure to complete the data or not to provide a clear copy of the trainee’s identity document.
  11. The fees mentioned on the website do not include the fees for shipping certificates.
  12. It is prohibited to upload any files or materials that are not owned by you or that you do not authorize them in order to preserve property rights.
  13. It is prohibited to use the site for any commercial purpose or with the aim of offending or violating the regulations in the Kingdom.
  14. It is prohibited to use the site for any purpose or activity that violates the regulations in force in the Kingdom or conflicts with customs, traditions, and religious, social and political norms.
  15. Any practice that may harm the platform, directly or indirectly, is prohibited.
  16. It is not permitted to link the site with any other sites that violate the center’s message, and we reserve the right to delete any violation of the concept of intellectual property rights or any sites that violate our message and our field of competence.
  17. The Center has the right to delete the user if he exceeds the allowance stated above, exceeds the goal of the site, or causes harm to others without prior notice from the Center.